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Culprit Wings
Title Mull Of Kintyre
Year 1977
Written by Paul McCartney and Denny Laine
Submitted by Robert J

The atypical interval jumped in this song means that it's not quite as awful as a singalong ballad could be (Mr Big's "To Be With You" springs to mind), but it's still pretty dire, particularly for a band who had previously managed to rustle up such musically inventive songs as "Live And Let Die". I suppose you could argue that the invention in this case consists of the bare-faced cheek involved in playing a truck driver's gear change on the bagpipes.

Submitter Robert J sums up what must surely be every listener's reaction to this drivel: "Shame on you, Paul."

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This is (in what I've come across so far, anyway) the only truck driver's gear change by Wings, so technically they don't count as "repeat offenders" – but of course Paul McCartney had a hand in various modulations (generally far more imaginative ones, to be fair) back in the days of the Beatles, as described in depth by Dominic Pedler in his "Muso's introduction" article.