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Culprit The Eagles
Title Already Gone
Year 1974
Written by Jack Tempchin and Robb Strandlund
Submitted by Walter

The number of gears shifted in this popular choice (three people suggested the song before I got round to uploading it) is so irrelevant that at first you think it must be a jump into a middle eight or a solo or some "new idea" – in which case it would be uncomfortable, but strictly speaking it wouldn't count as a truck driver's gear change. However, you soon realise that they have just rudely transferred the chorus into the new key, which is so far up that it seems to go down. Still, I can forgive this because any song which contains the line "You'll have to eat your lunch all by yourself" must be a work of genius. Lunch is for wimps!

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Co-writer Jack Tempchin's website has a wealth of information about the various songs he's written and performed, some of his writings, and several audio files of his music, including one amusing number called "Eat Some Food". Maybe lunch isn't for wimps after all.

Robb Strandlund, meanwhile, has a site with a biography, a photo gallery, and most impressively of all a massive selection (over 150) of MP3s and lyrics (though you need to sign his guestbook to get a password first).