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Hello. This is the Truck Driver's Gear Change Hall Of Shame. If it's your first visit, you might want to dispel some of your bewilderment by reading the FAQ, which explains what exactly a truck driver's gear change actually is, and how to appreciate this hitherto undervalued musical device. If you've been before, then welcome back – check out the what's new page to see a list of songs posted since your last visit.

Use the links at the top to browse the current selection of truck driver's gear changes – the most recent one added was "Oh Happy Day" by Ernst & Young. Please keep listening out for gear changes in your day-to-day life, and submit them for the browsing public's benefit.

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12 September 2007 – In non-gear-change-related news, I have now finished my second book, and Emus Can't Walk Backwards: Another Round of Dubious Pub Facts is out now! Please check out for full details – it would be great if you could spread the word, submit online reviews, and of course persuade yourself and anyone you know to buy a copy.

12 May 2007 – It's been a while since I last updated the site, as I've been busy writing my second book... But a large chunk of new gear shifts will be arriving soon! In the meantime, it's the Eurovision Song Contest tonight, which is always a great chance for dodgy bands to showcase astonishingly ill-judged gear changes.

28 January 2007 – The site has been offline for a week or so because I've had to move to a new web hosting company. The previous one was complaining about the bandwidth consumption caused by the playing of the MP3 clips, and couldn't offer any type of high-bandwidth package. Thankfully I've found a new provider who don't have any bandwidth restrictions.

25 September 2006 – It's about time I mentioned that I've written a book. Not only that – someone has actually published it. You may be disappointed to learn that it has nothing to do with truck driver's gear changes, but it is (in my impartial opinion) just as entertaining. It's called Bears Can't Run Downhill and I've written it under the name of Robert Anwood (clearly a pseudonym). I'd be happy if you check out and even happier if you bought a copy.

24 September 2006 – I've added a new section to the site, of other stuff – basically, bits and bobs that aren't related to specific songs.

23 September 2006 – Many thanks to Jeff Booth for mentioning me on his blog and for drawing attention to a recent mention by Alan Cross on The Ongoing History of New Music. I am of course proud to have been featured in the sixth instalment of his "How To Talk Like a Rock Snob" series!

22 September 2006 – I've not been able to receive any e-mails for the last few weeks. This is not the incompetence of myself or of's web hosts, but that of my main ISP – who shall remain nameless but who shall not remain my main ISP for much longer. Anyway, the problem is fixed now, so you can continue to e-mail me on, and I apologise to anyone who got "undeliverable" messages when trying to contact me.

June 2006 – After something of a hiatus (hey, I've been busy!) I've started properly updating the site again. Keep those suggestions flooding in – over the coming weeks I will be attempting to sift through the backlog of gear changes I've been sent (if I can bring myself to listen to them all...) and will be uploading many aural curiosities.

June 2004 – Thanks to those of you who so kindly e-mailed to let me know about the three gear changes included in the rendition of "Amazing Grace" at Ronald Reagan's funeral...

January 2004 – Many thanks to Miles Mendoza at BBC Radio 2 for giving this site one of the 2003 Website Of The Day Awards for the Steve Wright Show.

October 2003 – Author Dominic Pedler has kindly submitted an article – "A muso's introduction" to the truck driver's gear change – which provides an in-depth look at the phenomenon. In addition to a spirited defence of the Beatles' use of gear changes, it's packed full of classic examples, so be sure to have a read!


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